This Grant Program Can Make A World of Difference
Who Most individuals are familiar with government grant programs but less known are opportunities for private grants.  There are many organizations that provide funds to those in need.  This article highlights Modest Needs.  Aimed to help individuals and families living paycheck to paycheck and are close to financial crisis,... Read more
Five Ways to Pay Down Your Student Loan Debt
Many of us invest in our futures by going to college. Getting a degree can open up the doors of opportunity to a good-paying job and a future career. The high cost of education forces us to take out loans to pay for our tuition. Even though it only... Read more
Tax Extensions: Here’s What You Should Know
Spring is in the air. Flowers are blooming, the air is rich with pollen and allergens. And taxes are coming due. The deadline to file your individual income tax return for 2018 is Monday, April 15th 2019. Amazing how the time creeps up. And with this important deadline approaching,... Read more
Getting A Housing Repair Loan
As a general rule, especially when you have an expensive investment on your hands like a house, it’s imperative to have a well-funded emergency savings fund in order to support emergency repairs as they are needed. Unfortunately, sometimes homeowners don’t have adequate emergency funds or the repairs required are... Read more
5 Supplemental Income Strategies For Quick Extra Cash
There’s a ton of reasons you may want to earn yourself a supplemental income. For some, it’s to fund a dream vacation or to save up some cash for a rainy day. For others, it may be to cover unexpected bills or to close a gap in the budget... Read more
Guide to Living Below Your Means
Whatever your income may be, it’s important to spend less than you earn. When you impart frugality into your spending lifestyle, it can mean reaching your savings goals sooner or even putting an end to living paycheck to paycheck. Making the choice to spend less can mean you’re better... Read more
How to Find Government Home Repair Grants
The fact that home repairs can be a little expensive is a more reason why people prefer to use the money for the repairs to cater for some immediate needs in the house. However, these repairs when not done early can become overwhelming and cause more damage to the... Read more
Financial Goals To Set And Strive For
Financial desires are things that most people have, but they’re very different from goals. While desires can stem from hopes and dreams that we may have, setting goals is the act of putting your hopes and dreams into action by creating a plan. It’s important that when you set... Read more
Financial Help & Hope For Hardworking Families
“. . . too many honest hardworking American families struggle to make ends meets and, through no fault of their own, find themselves in serious financial trouble.” NetWish The mission behind NetWish is to grant wishes and give hope to hardworking individuals who have fallen on hard times.  A... Read more
Out of all the different investments you can make in life, one of the most important and rewarding is the investment you can make in yourself. Positively and impact fully investing in growing yourself as a person is the best way you can see change and growth in other... Read more