Financial Steps to Take Now For A Happy Retirement
While retirement may be decades away for you, it’s never too early to start preparing. If your plan is to live off of social security, you may find yourself struggling every month to make ends meet. Planning for retirement now can help to ensure that you have enough money... Read more
6 Ways To Save on Healthcare This Year
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Single Parent’s Guide to Stretching Your Budget
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Guide to Living Below Your Means
Whatever your income may be, it’s important to spend less than you earn. When you impart frugality into your spending lifestyle, it can mean reaching your savings goals sooner or even putting an end to living paycheck to paycheck. Making the choice to spend less can mean you’re better... Read more
Financial Help & Hope For Hardworking Families
“. . . too many honest hardworking American families struggle to make ends meets and, through no fault of their own, find themselves in serious financial trouble.” NetWish The mission behind NetWish is to grant wishes and give hope to hardworking individuals who have fallen on hard times.  A... Read more
Out of all the different investments you can make in life, one of the most important and rewarding is the investment you can make in yourself. Positively and impact fully investing in growing yourself as a person is the best way you can see change and growth in other... Read more
When to Enroll In Social Security & Medicare
For social programs that aid the low income and disabled people in our society; Social Security and Medicare are often misunderstood. The main aim of these multi-use programs is for the retired and aging populations who have paid in to these systems throughout their working lives in advance. These... Read more
Government Offered Veterans Benefits
There are varieties of programs and services offered to assist veterans and these programs are well needed. Assistance in education, health care, home loans, pensions, insurance, disability, employment and vocational training through the US Department of Veterans Benefits Administration and the US Department of Veterans Affairs. We will be... Read more
Solution for the Medical Expenses Insurance Won’t Cover
A Growing Problem The last thing to worry about in the case of an illness or injury is how to cover the medical bills. It is rather unfortunate that even people with health insurance fall victim of this as the costs of medical care can be insurmountable sometimes. It... Read more
Life Insurance Medical Exam Explained
The medical exam that most policies will require you to perform is one of the most feared and frustrating components of obtaining life insurance. You may be wondering about the why, what, who, where and how of the medical exam which will be talked about as you read this... Read more